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1. Terms & Condition mean the terms and conditions under which the purchase is supplied and delivered to you as a buyer on www.moii.app or on our Moii mobile application owned and operated by Vibration Electronic Transaction Company, a company registered in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

2. Please read these terms carefully before proceeding with the online purchase process. By sending the purchase order through the site, you agree to these terms of sale and abide by what is stated in them with immediate effect.

2. Accept the purchase order

1. Supplier: As specified on the site, each product in the purchase order is sold either by us or by a local or international seller.

2. Acceptance of the purchase order: The purchase order issued by you is accepted by us when we notify you of acceptance in writing (either by e-mail or by a short message on the mobile phone), and if it is not possible for us to accept the purchase order issued by you, we will notify you of that in writing or through a phone call. The value of the product is deducted from your account.

3. Payment: Your issuance of a purchase order is an authorization from you to us or to any third party specializing in electronic payments to deduct the value of purchases from the balance of your credit or debit card, noting that we accept payment according to:

• A credit or debit card.

Or through your electronic wallet

Or cash on delivery (an amount not exceeding AED 6,500)

4. In order to authorize credit / debit card payments we may require you to open an account with our other payment processing companies, including accepting their terms and conditions and providing your details on your behalf. You hereby authorize us to do so and we shall not be liable to you for any damage or loss that you may incur as a result of that.

5. We may add or cancel payment cards or certain payment methods that have been accepted by us at any time without any prior notification on our part.

6. Canceling the purchase order: You can cancel the purchase order immediately before shipping the product for any reason.

7. Cancellation of your order by us: We have the right to cancel your order when:

• Failure to pay the value of purchases when they are due.

Your failure during the reasonable period of time that we specify for you to provide us with the information required to deliver the products to you.

• Your failure to allow us to deliver the products to you within a reasonable period of time or your failure to receive them.

• In the event of an attempt to buy in bulk or multiple purchases according to clause 2.8 below.

1.    Bulk Buying and Multiple Purchasing: We reserve the right to refuse any orders, and at our sole discretion, if we discover a bulk purchase or multiple purchase of similar products.

1. Connect your order

1. Delivery cost: The cost of delivery is according to each emirate, and it is not less than 30 dirhams and not more than 50 dirhams, approximately according to the prices mentioned on the website.

2. Delivery date: This information will be shown to you on the website.

3. Delivery Delay:

• If our delivery of the product is delayed for reasons beyond our control, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of that, and we will take steps to reduce the consequences of the delay in delivery.

• If there is no person at your address to receive the product and the product cannot be delivered by mail to your mailbox, we will inform you in a timely manner about how to deliver or receive the product.

• If you are unable to receive the product from us as agreed upon, or if you are unable to reschedule the delivery of the product after it was not possible to deliver it to you at your address, we will contact you to obtain further instructions. We will cancel your order in accordance with the terms of sale presented when we are unable to contact you or arrange for a new date for delivery or receipt despite our continuous efforts in this regard.

4. Identification requirements upon delivery: Vibration Electronic Transaction Company may, at its sole discretion, make any inquiries it deems necessary to verify your identity and / or ownership of your financial instruments by requesting to provide you with more information or documents, including, for example. Not limited to, any form of identification and / or credit card verification is required. If Vibration for Electronic Transaction is unable to verify the authenticity of any information you provide, the company has the right to refuse delivery and cancel the order.

5. Delivery from outside the country: You may be registered as an importer if you request the delivery of products from outside the country. In this case, you must verify that the required products comply with the law and regulations, and you must also commit to paying all fees and customs imposed on your purchases.

6. Ownership of products: The products become your own as soon as we deliver them to you at the delivery address and you have paid for their full value.

7. Invoicing: We will issue an electronic invoice for the value of your purchases and send it to your e-mail that you provide to us.

2. Return

1. The following table explains our return and exchange policy by category of each product:

Terms of return

The product has not been used previously, and it is in its original condition with its original cover and includes all cards.

Electronics: Only accepted if the product is opened and another product is found.

Fashion: Open product is accepted if it still has the original tags.

The possibility of return

For refurbished products, you must return the product within seven (7) days of receiving it only under certain circumstances.

Reasons for the return

You receive the wrong product,

You receive a product that is not as described on the site, or you receive a damaged product.

Non-returnable products: You are not entitled to return or exchange any of the following products:

1. Classified as hazardous materials or in which flammable flammable gases or liquids are used.

2. Which has been previously used or caused by you to harm it or has become different from what you received it.

3. Any consumable material that was used or installed in something else.

4. Any products that are free of their serial number or have been tampered with.

5. Any products from among the specified items, including food, beverages, household products, digital books, swimwear, socks, underwear, contact lenses, products related to public health, personal care, some baby products (such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and baby feeding products), music, video, and video games.

2. How to contact us (return): You can contact us via e-mail, or through our social media sites,

3. How to return the amounts

1. For products that were delivered, we will refund the full value of the product subject to return, including the fees for returning the product to us (excluding the fees that were paid to ship the product to you) and this applies to the following cases:

i. Products that are defective or that are not described on the site.

ii. If the reason for the return is due to a mistake on our part, such as error in pricing or description, or delay in delivery beyond the agreed date, etc.

For all other cases, we will refund the value of the product subject to return (excluding the fees that were paid to ship the product to you), provided that you bear the cost of the fees for returning the product to us.

For products that have not been delivered, you are entitled to receive their full value if you cancel the purchase order in accordance with clause 2.6

4. Procedures for Refund: The refund will be the same as the way you paid it, as follows:

1. If you paid the value in cash on delivery, we will return the value to your e-wallet, or

2. If you have paid the amount on a credit / debit card, you can choose between returning the amount to the credit / debit card, or placing it in your e-wallet.

5. When will the amount be returned: The amount will be returned to you at the same time we received and examined the product in our customer goods preparation center, and your final payment will be received as follows:

1. If the amount will be returned to your credit / debit card: This will be done within thirty (30) days from the day we receive the returned product at our Customer Goods Preparation Center.

1. If the amount will be returned to your electronic wallet, we will refund the amount immediately after we receive the product at our customer goods preparation center, and the product is examined by us, or

2. If you cancel the purchase order before the shipment date, the amount will be returned to you automatically.

2. Defects and damages in products

1. Warranty: Provide a warranty of twelve (12) months for some purchased products for faults that may occur after purchase, and provide a warranty of twenty four (24) months for all electronic products (specified here) that are sold to buyers in the UAE. A three (3) month (maximum) warranty will be applied to selected refurbished products. The warranty does not apply to any cases other than defects in materials, materials, design or manufacturing, and the warranty is limited to repairing the defective product, replacing the defective part, replacing the product, or returning the amount according to the market price of the product itself (and this decision is at the discretion of the product seller), note that the warranty It does not cover all products, and you should check the product listing to see if the product includes a warranty.

2. Authorized Service Centers: In cases where we sell the product directly to you and for specific products, repairs will be made according to the warranty by the authorized service centers. In cases where the products were purchased by another seller, the terms of that seller's warranty will apply.

3. Warranty period: The repair or replacement of the product under the terms of this warranty does not constitute any right to extend or renew the warranty, and the terms of the warranty are in accordance with the manufacturer of the product. For more details about specific terms of product warranty, please review the product support page for the product you purchased.

4. The guarantee does not apply in the following cases:

1. If the product is attempted to be repaired by any unauthorized service center by the product seller, or it was damaged by a shock to the body of the product such as a broken screen, dents and dents that may cause the product not to work, or be damaged by liquids such as immersing the product or spraying any electronic product With water or other liquids, or if the water indicator inside the device has changed color (if it is equipped with it).

2. Modify or change the product drivers completely (so-called: root on Android devices or jailbreak on Apple devices).

3. Use non-original accessories with the product you purchased.

4. Remove the serial number on the product.

5. Failure to maintain and periodically inspect the product.

6. Replace the device consumables (such as batteries, light bulbs, fuses, earphones, and printer ink).

7. Abuse to use or misuse the product other than for its intended purpose or in a way that violates the manufacturer's instructions for operation and maintenance.

8. Damage to the product due to overcharging of its battery, failure to use it according to the basic instructions contained in its user manual, or to charge the device using an charger that is not approved by the manufacturer.

9. If any tampering appears on the seals on the battery cover or one of its cells is broken.

1. Issue a warranty claim: You can contact us via e-mail, or on our social media sites.

2. The legal obligations of clients

1. You acknowledge and commit yourself as a party to this agreement:

1. Adherence to the laws in force at all times and to the legislations and regulations, including - without exception - all legislation, laws and regulations to protect privacy.

2. You have all the powers and eligibility to enter into this agreement and pay the dues according to the terms and conditions contained therein.

3. If you purchased the product on behalf of a company, you confirm that you represent it and work on its behalf and that it will abide by these terms of sale.

2. According to clause 1-6, our services are provided to you according to the "as it is" system without any guarantee, approval or conditions from us of any kind, and we disclaim our responsibility for any guarantee, approval or conditions of any kind, express or implied. Or directly, including, but not limited to, all conditions, declarations and guarantees related to marketability or fitness for a specific purpose or public purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, or that the services are safe, free of errors, or that would work without interruption Or it will be presented properly, at the appropriate time, presented in an appropriate manner, or on the whole.

3. The warranty stated in Clause 1-5 is the only exclusive warranty that we offer in accordance with these Terms of Sale.

3. Legal liability

1. Nothing in these terms of sale shall limit or exclude any party's liability for:

1. Fraud, including fraud, committed by this party; .

2. Death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of this party.

3. Any other liability that may not be limited or exempted under the applicable law.

2. Pursuant to Clause 7-1, we, our parent company, our subsidiary or subsidiary companies, or our employees or their directors, board members, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, or licensors shall not be held responsible, based on a court ruling or claim. Arising from the contract or on the civil law or due to default or breach of legal duties or arising from or related to the present conditions of sale, from the loss of profits, data or information, or any subsequent, incidental, indirect or private damages, even if we or our companies have been notified. Our subsidiaries, directors, board members, agents, employees, licensors, subcontractors or suppliers may cause such damages.

3. In addition, as permitted by applicable law, we - and this includes our parent company, our subsidiary or subsidiary companies, or our employees, or they have directors, board members, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, or licensors - will not We are legally responsible, and you confirm your agreement here that we are not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from the following, whether directly or indirectly:

1. Late delivery of products or failure to deliver part of them if you yourself have failed to provide us with the information we need within a reasonable time since the date we requested that or if you fail to pay the value.

2. Damages that may result from unauthorized repairs to products.

3. Loss of any data stored or saved in the products that were repaired or replaced.

4. Your dependence entirely on the content or any other information provided by the site and pertaining to the product for which the purchase order was issued.

5. Your use or inability to use the product you have requested.

6. Delay or disruption of the site or delay or disruption of our services.

7. Viruses or electronic malware resulting from the use of the product you requested.

8. Damage to your device as a result of using the product you requested.

9. Your loss of a business opportunity or your inability to conduct your business or the like due to our inability to deliver the product that you ordered on time.

2. According to Clause 7-1, if it appears that Clauses 3-6, 2-7 and 3-7 are not applied or unenforceable for any reason, then the full legal liability is limited to us, our parent company, our subsidiary or subsidiary companies, or our employees or them Of directors, members of boards of directors, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, or licensees towards you, whether based on a court ruling or a claim arising from the contract or due to default or breach of legal duties or arising from or related to the conditions of sale, within the following limits, Max Minimum value for:

1. The price of the product sold on the site and the costs of original shipment and the shipping costs of returning the product, or

2. An amount of three hundred (300) UAE dirhams.

3. You hereby agree to indemnify us and disclaim our liability, we, our parent company, our subsidiary or subsidiary companies, or our employees, managers, board members, employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, or licensors, for losses, harm, damages or expenses. (Including legal fees and attorneys' fees) arising out of or related to:

1. Any claims or requests made by any third party arising from your use of the site and our services.

2. Your violation of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, including, without limitation, any guarantees, representations or undertakings.

3. Or any violation of applicable laws.

2. General provisions

1. Applicable Law: The terms of sale and any non-contractual rights and obligations arising from or related to the aforementioned terms of sale are subject to the laws applicable in the Emirate of Dubai and are interpreted in accordance with these laws.

2. Settlement of disputes:

1. If you are not satisfied with any products that you have purchased through the site, you can contact us via e-mail, or through our social networking sites.

1. If you are unable to reach a solution as stated in clause 2-8 (a) within forty-five (45) days of notifying the seller of your problem, you may resort to arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of DIFC-LCIA by a single arbitrator. And the arbitration center shall be in the Dubai International Financial Center and the English language shall be the language of arbitration.

2. Rights of third parties: No party other than the parties to this agreement has no right to implement any of its provisions.

3. The relationship of the parties: None of the aforementioned in the content of the present terms of sale may be interpreted or considered either by its parties or by any third party as a partnership or a joint company between the parties to the agreement, as it is understood that the parties to the agreement entered into a contractual relationship to perform The service of each of them is independent of the other.

4. Additional Assurances: The parties agree to act and implement or make arrangements for the execution and execution of every required act, document, or anything reasonably within the scope of their powers to implement and enforce the present conditions of sale to their fullest extent, including and without limitation, helping each other in compliance with the law Applicable.

5. Assignment: These conditions of sale are binding to ensure the interest of its parties, their successors, and the permitted assignees, and you agree not to waive or transfer the validity of those terms or any of the rights or obligations that pertain to you under the above terms of sale, whether directly or indirectly without obtaining initial approval. Written by us provided that we refrain from issuing consent without giving a reasonable reason.

6. The whole agreement: These conditions of sale and the documents referred to or attached thereto contain the entirety of the agreement between the parties with regard to their subject matter. All previous agreements, negotiations and declarations, whether written or verbal, shall be canceled with regard to their subject matter. There are no conditions, representations, guarantees, undertakings or other agreements, whether direct, indirect, express or implicit, between the parties to the present agreement and the documents and documents referred to or attached to it.

7. Amendments and changes: It is not possible to change, diversify, amend or supplement these terms of sale in any way by you alone, and we reserve our right to amend, diversify and complete the terms of sale at any time and from time to time. We will also publish the current version of the terms of sale on the site, and each change will be effective immediately upon publication on the site or upon the date set for the date as the effective date (as applicable). Your continued use of the site and our services after any change is made, you agree to abide by the changes that occurred and to act according to the terms and conditions after modifying and changing them.

8. Separability of clauses: If any court of jurisdiction rules that none of the provisions of these terms of sale are valid, unlawful, or unenforceable, then this clause of these conditions will be canceled immediately and the rest of the terms and conditions will remain in effect as long as the legal and economic substance of the deals remains. Which was done under its terms and exists without any adverse effect on its parties.

9. Force Majeure: None of the parties to the agreement shall be held responsible for any losses, damages, delays, or failure to perform due to acts beyond their control, whether such acts or events may or cannot be reasonably foreseen (including events of judgment, fate, or Legislative rulings, court rulings, regulatory or governmental decisions issued by local governments, the federal government, courts, governing bodies, subcontractors' businesses, or any third party supplier of goods or services to us, economic boycott, power outages, or labor unrest).

Waiver of a condition: Our waiver of any of the provisions of these Terms of Sale may not be construed as a waiver of any other provisions contained therein (whether similar or different provisions).

1. The assignment of a provision shall be interpreted as a permanent waiver of it, unless we expressly express it in writing.

2. Continuity: All provisions contained in these terms of sale, express or the rest which are continuous in nature, remain in effect even when your membership on the site is suspended or expired.